Smart cities made simple.

Each community is unique. Smart City strategies should be too.



Every community has a network of water, sewer and electrical lines connecting to critical facilities. Smart City infrastructure expands this network to include IoT connectivity to millions of devices such as sensors and cameras, but also fiber and wireless communication networks that provide exciting new capabilities for media, learning and commercial applications. We help simplify access to these new networks and facilitate connectivity.

Smart Buildings

At the core of the smart eco system new and old buildings can benefit from in-building networks that enhance user experience, optimize resource management and generate new revenues.


For many stakeholders in a community, the capabilities provided by the fiber and wireless networks will be most easily understood by interactive and immersive media experiences described as “Engagement”. Conversational AI, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality- enhanced narratives can tell the stories of local history and culture in ways never before possible.

data analytics

One of the compelling by-products of the advanced connectivity provided by these new networks is the opportunity to collect and interpret data from the many devices and systems that they connect. The potential of this massive amount of data may only be realized by the deployment of sophisticated data analytics that turns raw information into new knowledge through understandable dashboards and Digital Twin applications.

Your community, our process.



The foundation of any Smart City project is a deep understanding of the community it will serve. The history and context, its business and social networks and its developed environment are as critical to understand as its existing infrastructure capabilities.


Beyond understanding what a community is today is an idea of what could lie ahead. Building on the potential of what exists by combining the possibilities of new technologies and capitalizing current resources is at the core of what we do.


In real estate, a project isn’t a success until a building is built and providing shelter or generating income. That same pragmatic approach is how we pursue our projects, always looking ahead to consider how something can be built, financed and how it will benefit its intended users.