Smart City Labs has launched a collaboration with The Hollywood Partnership to create a world class showcase for Smart City IoT technologies right in the historic heart of Hollywood: The Hollywood Innovation District.

At completion, the project will encompass the 632+ properties in the BID service area, many of which are among the most important and historic media facilities in the world- including the original Warner Brothers studios, now the home of Netflix, as well as prestigious live performance venues such as The Hollywood Palladium and the Pantages Theatre. A new IoT infrastructure platform will connect these facilities to create a virtual media production campus, which will greatly enhance the visitor experience for both residents and visitors alike through new technology applications. 

A key element of the project is the accelerated connection to a true 5G network to create a launch platform for the activation of only-in-Hollywood narratives and the revitalization of historic landmarks. Exciting applications of new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be demonstrated in the public realm built upon the speed and capacity of the 5G capabilities.


Our “Smart Block” site along the Cahuenga nightclub corridor at Hollywood Blvd is an incubator for new “Smart” technology products and immersive media activations. At the center of the block is the EaCa Alley, a historic film backdrop and important music industry site that is home to 14 nightlife venues along a brick lined passage. The Smart Block highlights compelling technology use cases and serves as a cost-effective way to test new applications in a unique and controlled consumer-facing environment. Innovative products built on the 5G platform can connect to our Content Management System (CMS) for media projects and demonstrates these new sustainable technologies to a broad audience. The Smart Block will also serve as a platform for a strategic alliance with the I3 Consortium and alliance of the University of Southern California Schools of Business and Engineering, as well as the  City and County of Los Angeles. The I3 Consortium was founded to establish an open source managed data marketplace to better secure and regulate important community data resources.



An important emphasis for the Hollywood Innovation District is the revitalization and renewal of the Hollywood commercial district. This encompasses the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street as well as famed commercial corridors like Sunset Blvd and Cahuenga Blvd. Drawing on our long history in urban strategies and development, we offer a highly focused program that applies exciting new technologies to activate and enliven the visitor experience in public spaces. This program will also drive new consumer interest, patronage and revenues for the commercial spaces throughout the District. Our extensive experience in Hollywood includes securing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences return of their annual Academy Awards ceremony to Hollywood at the Dolby Theatre. Additional projects surrounding the Pantages Theatre on Vine Street and along Las Palmas, Sunset and Selma Ave have also provided a unique perspective on the Hollywood history and culture as well as solidifying future commercial potential.



An important aspect of the Hollywood Innovation District is the application of new technology innovations to solve urban challenges such as waste management and cleaning. A key opportunity is enhanced asset monitoring so that scarce human resources can be deployed only where most needed.


As the geographic center of the region and the symbolic heart of the media industry, Hollywood attracts the entire demographic and psychographic spectrum as both residents and visitors. Applying new technology applications to ensure that every member of the Hollywood community  is safe and healthy is a key opportunity to address through both security services and health sciences use cases.


The Hollywood Innovation District will be built upon a new fiber-based IoT infrastructure. This new infrastructure has the potential to connect every building and every device in Hollywood, manage scarce resources more efficiently and better serve and protect every member of the community. This opportunity is based on the ability to use data analytics to turn the information gathered throughout the community in to useful knowledge that benefits us all. Our approach is based on an open source, community managed data marketplace developed by the I3 Consortium of the University of Southern California Schools of Business and Engineering, as well as the City and County of Los Angeles.


For many years, the organization that manages the Hollywood Entertainment District (HED) business improvement district was known within the community as “The Hollywood Property Owners Alliance” (HPOA), or more colloquially, “The BID.” In 2019, the Hollywood Entertainment District was renewed for a period of ten years and expanded to include the area formerly known as the Sunset & Vine District. Just as the community has evolved and will continue to do so, the HPOA has evolved its name to become The Hollywood Partnership. 

The Hollywood Partnership (The HP) is a 501(c)6 nonprofit corporation that manages the HED. The HP is governed by dozens of property owners and representatives representing the diverse array of property types in the HED, including: office, industrial, residential, hotel, retail, nonprofit and government uses. The HP is funded by more than 600 property owners who assess themselves at more than $7.4M annually to pay for cleaning, safety, placemaking, communication, research, marketing and advocacy services.

Hollywood in Numbers

Square feet of new offices.

Lease rates are 26% higher than the rest of Los Angeles.

New Hotel Rooms.

A 50% increase of the
current 2546 rooms.

A square mile in Hollywood is worth more than eight times an average square mile in Los Angeles.

Stars on the
Walk of Fame.


New Housing Units.

Total residences in Hollywood
will grow by 104%.

Yearly visitors to the Walk of Fame.